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Unit 4, Ford Road,
Chertsey, KT16 8HG


Simvic Ltd

Metal collection services

We are always devoted to help making the process of selling your scrap, or unwanted vehicles as fast, easy, and hassle free as possible. This is all part of our commitment to help our customers by providing an efficient service.

We are constantly investing in modern and efficient technology to ensure that our process and treatment charge costs remain as low as possible, offering a guaranteed fair price every time. We carry out environmentally friendly recycling at our fully licensed facilities.

SIMVIC Limited operates a 50 tonne weigh-bridge, welcome to customers who wish to weigh in their scrap metal of all sizes, for which the best rates in London are paid.

Simvic Ltd

Metal Collection

SimVic is a company that can take care of any and all scrap metal that you have and want to dispose of.


Simvic Ltd

Car Breaking Specialists

Most people use cars everyday – make sure yours gets disposed of in the correct manner with SimVic!


Simvic Ltd

Scrap yard in London & Surrey

Our main goal is safe and ethical work, so we make sure our scrap yard follows all the necessary procedures.


Simvic Ltd

Second Hand Car Parts

If you’re ever in need of parts for your car, look no further than SimVic!


Simvic Ltd

Industrial & Demolition metal waste

Industrial and demolition waste can be a problem – but not with the comprehensive service SimVic has to offer!


Simvic Ltd

Metal Merchant for the Industry

For several years, we have been helping many companies get rid of any metal waste they have. If you’re in need of such help – give us a call.


Would you like to know more about our services? Give us a call- we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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People Say

Our Clients about us

With our pro customer approach we’re receiving so many positive testimonials
– please read few of the below.

We're very satisfied with the level of professionalism exhibited by Simvic. We had a lot of scrap metal left over from our office renovation, and with Simvic we got rid og it in no time at all. Excellent work.

Small business owner

We weren't expecting Simvic's scrap removal service to be on this high a level, but they got the job done incredible well. No trace of any old metal and industrial parts left - everything is nice and clean, and it's all thanks to Simvic!

buiding company

Simvic reacted to our call quickly and arrived at the allotted time. The team was friendly and gathered up all of our scrap metal incredibly quickly. The prices were also very fair. Definitely worth recommending!

Office Manager

With Simvic's level of expertise, we got a csrap metal removal service that was completely hassle free. They reacted quickly and the formalities were minimal, while the prices were very satisfactory. Definitely recommended for businesses and homes struggling to get rid of scrap metal lying around!


Thanks to Simvic, we finally got rid of that scrap metal left over from the construction, and we got paid a pretty penny for it!


We had some old factory machines that needed disassembly and, sure enough, Simvic helped us get rid of them completely. Amazing work!


If you're looking for a reliable scrap metal collector, you'll find no one better than Simvic. Their service is incredibly fast and reliable.

Restaurant owner

We couldn't have asked for a better service. Simvic's efficient scrap metal services helped make our company a much more clean and serene place. Turns out all we needed to really get ahead was a professional like Simvic!