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Ferrous Metals

The difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals lies in the name itself. The term “ferrous” comes from the Latin word “ferrum”, which means iron. All ferrous metals contain iron and, as a result, they are all alloys, which means they are not pure metals and instead all of them have a degree of iron content. Ferrous metals date back to 1,200 BC when iron production became widespread, ushering in the Iron Age.

Ferrous metals possess many useful properties that non-ferrous metals don’t. The iron component ensures that ferrous metals are very strong and durable, making them perfect for a variety of demanding tasks, such as construction. You can find them used in cars and other modes of transportation, construction equipment, shipping, piping, railroad tracks, tools, and many more items.

Another distinct feature that ferrous metals owe to their iron content is the fact that they are highly magnetic. Because of that, stainless-steel scissors and refrigerator doors, among others, are very receptive to magnets. However, due to the high carbon content, ferrous metals are also very prone to rust when exposed to moisture, with the exception of stainless steel and wrought iron.

The uses of ferrous metal are robust and varied, so you’ll have not trouble finding them in construction bars, vehicles, and many others. The most prominent examples are:

  • steel
  • carbon steel
  • alloy steel
  • cast iron
  • wrought iron

Each type has its own use in specific industries, but all of them are inherently strong and durable, thanks to iron’s innate features.

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